Monday, July 8, 2013

[Art/Icons] Grimblade


Origin: Artificial

Prowess: 7

Coordination: 5

Strength: 8

Intellect: 4

Awareness: 4

Willpower: 6




Damage Resistance 5

Life Support 4 (space)

Weapon REEVE (device) chalcedony sword

Strike (slashing or bashing)* 5

Dimension Travel* 8 Using Reeve, Grimblade is able to slash open a portal to any of the inhabited worlds in the Outland Sector, and several uninhabited ones as well. He requires one page of preparation.

*Requires device.

Grimblade was originally a magico-bio-construct created by the oligarchs of the Sorcerer's Moon. Intended to be the first of a large military force, Grimblade proved to be too unmanageable, and eventually rebelled against his masters (he is discernibly male) liberated the legendary sword Reeve from their custody and escaped.

Currently he works a mercenary and hired muscle, although it is said he is ruthless and cruel, the truth is more nuanced.



Challenges: Nobody speaks to me like that! Too good to be all that bad.

Qualities: I'm Grimblade bitch (unstoppable)!



  1. Interesting! That is indeed a grim-looking blade he's got.

  2. Thanks, man!
    For anyone reading this that is unfamiliar with icons: everything is on a scale from 1-10. If you play FASRIP, conversions are about the same difficulty level as you have between various TSR editions of D&D. That is to say, all you really have to do is squint.

  3. Huh. That's cool. I made a G.I. Joe rpg when I was a kid based on FASERIP where I converted it to a 1-10 scale. I don't have such an easy time converting D&D editions. Maybe it's because I'm doing for public consumption on the blog, I tend to obsess too much about getting it "right."