Monday, January 25, 2010

The Forgotten Depths 1pg wilderness.

Once a seabed, now a tropical wilderness hidden away in the cold north. What secrets does it contain? What horrors of the dark and deep places remain, nurturing their unwholesome appetites, waiting for a chance to feed?

Anyway, one night about a month ago I was reading Warlord of Mars and, although there is no atmosphere plant in the story itself, there are references to the one Carter visited at the end of Under the Moons of Mars, which got me thinking about such things and how they might impact the landscape around them, which led to this-

One page wilderness hextravaganza... Metal Earth Style.
Get it here:
The Forgotten Depths

Note- there are no game stats with the hex descriptions, but I'm working on a short Metal Earth Critter Kodex (TM) that will give stats for all the varmints. Look for it soon; expect it later.
There is also a 1pg dungeon adventure in the works (it's pretty much done, I just need to redraw the map. It's called The Tower of the Changer, and is located in hex 0501 of the map above. I tried to get all three ready for the holidays, but it didn't work out.

I'll try to post one of the two over the next week or so.
Also, I have three new character classes in the works: Scout, Emissary and Slayer.