Thursday, July 25, 2013

Color comic preview

I've been neglecting the blog again. Sometimes I'm just not into it to the point that it doesn't even cross my mind. Also, I'm not gaming right now, because misanthropy

what with all yer fancy e-phones, tinkles, tooblers and F+ and the lord knows whatnot else, does anyone even read these things anymore?

I'll post the next section of Beyond The Leaning City on Friday. Anyway, I scrapped my comic and started over. I already have a site set up and I'm planning on launching in January. I still have a long way to go, but my art is improving and my speed has increased dramatically just recently after having hit a plateau a few years ago. Thank you, Andrew Loomis.





  1. Misanthropy gets a bad rap. I like the page. The characters already intrigue me with their designs.

  2. I have an entire pantheon of characters, but Skullwhitch (or the Cosmic Skull, I'm undecided) and Orkan (the holo projected guy above the table) were created and designed for and on this page. The bald fellow, Shockwave, is the main character, at least to start, he was the star of my very first attempt at drawing comics. Boy, did that suck.
    I like this particular group because there are no really obvious DC/Marvel analogs, but that was more by accident by design, because I have got plenty of those guys too.

  3. I much prefer blogs to all the new fangled stuff the kids are doing (and by the way, they need t get off my lawn), so I guess consider this a vote in favor of you continuing to provide updates here.


  4. Still reading the blog.