Monday, May 1, 2023

The State of the Metal Earth and What's to Come.

To begin with,  I'm still here and still doing stuff. 

The good news, I suppose is I have had a change in the way I approach game design. 

In the past I felt like I needed to, for lack of a better phrase,  over explain everything. Everything was locked in place by completely unnecessary editorializing and theory blarg. I managed to avoid this with BX Mars, but somehow forgot the lesson immediately. 

Current Projects

My time is my own these days and I have been putting it to good use working on stuff:

The Planet Eaters. my online graphic novel, I am roughly halfway through the story. I want to take a break to organize and quantify my ideas before I tackle the second half.

To this end, the next thing I release, gaming wise, will be a Planet Eaters  ICONS supplement detailing Drift Space, a scattering of rogue stars located between the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies and the main theater of action in the comic. It will detail heroes and villains, planets and factions, ideas on how to run a cosmic campaign and much more. 

IP with a comic and a RPG, can a movie deal be far behind?


I'm just reformulating my ideas on my next major Mars RPG project, which will be a complete game somewhat compatable with TSR DND, but its own thing as well. It will come with color art issued in an adult version and a rated R for repressed version. Dying Mars is the working title. I am considering polishing up and coloring the old art and releasing the monster section as a stand alone product suitable for use with OSE. 

Samson of Mars, a short novel of Martian adventure is in its fourth draft. I will release it on the kindle. 

An excerpt: 

Samson risked a glance at the sun. Swollen and bloated, it shimmered and warped and looked back at him. At him.

Something black, oily and rotten crawled across it. 

He drew in a ragged desprate breath. Caught off guard by the bitter stench of the blistered, burning hole in the sky, he gagged and drooled. 

Driven by reflex, he took another breath. 

He could smell the sun; it bore the stink of reptiles and madness. 

Other projects:

I have three, maybe four settings scattered through the past. I'm going to assemble what I have complete on them, fill in the gaps and do some little books. The Dwarves or The Metal Earth settings will be next. 

This Blog;

In the near future,  in an effort to resurrect this thing, I'll post samples from all my projects gaming and otherwise. Maybe. I may also talk about CoC, which I've been playing. 

Another recent Planet Eaters page:


PS I can't seem to comment here. when I log on it takes me to the dashboard. So, I'll address any relevant comments in the next post.