Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Comics: American Barbarian

Why haven't you read this yet, slug?

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while. I wont go into a lot of detail, because spolers, but this comic, which is available in its entirety, for free here is fearlessly creative and gives not a single fuck. If you are not a Yank, do not worry- it is not a flag waving comic, its just a fucking goofy science fantasy post apocalyptic romp about a guy with red, white and blue hair. Trust me it will be okay; people from four continents have told me I am a terrible American, some of them meant it as an insult, some as a compliment, either way, I take their word for it, and I enjoyed the hell out of this comic. So much so that I bought the harcover.

Tom Scioli, the creator, is the artist on the excellent Godland, and has another series that he worked on in the early aughts, called Myth of 8-Opus. That is also awesome, and is heavily influenced by Kirby's New Gods, but still very much his own thing. Scioli's favorite superhero is Orion (me too, bro) and it really shows in this comic.

All of this stuff is avalable to purchase at the site linked above, and he has a couple of other free comics up there as well. I'm especially fond of his riff on the FF, Final Frontier. The Am Barb book is fat, in color, and like 13 usd. Read the comic and if you like it, buy it.



  1. I'm savoring this the way I savor hobo wines. Loving it.

  2. Its practically impossible to be in a bad mood after reading Am Barb or guzzling a pintof Thunderbird.
    Were I a drinking man, I'd do them both at once.

  3. I will have to give this a read.

  4. I'm becoming increasingly interested in more indie stuff like this. Ironically, that has a lot to do with having the Marvel Unlimited app. Slot's run on Spider-Man made me feel empty inside, as did the Waid's run on FF. Both writers seemed far more interested in telling stories about stories than actually telling stories. The super hero world existed as sort of lifeless diorama in those books.

  5. Was it not you who posted about this like a couple of years ago? In any case, I read it then and it was friggin' awesome. Thanks for the reminder, will go back to see if there is any new stuff or perhaps just to reread it.

  6. Yeah, that was me, on the G+, last hear maybe? I dunno. Check out Final Frontier, I reread it last nght and I love it.


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