Friday, December 7, 2018

Death Spore

AC: 0; Hit Dice: 12; Move: 240’; Attacks: 1; Damage: Death (Death Ray; save for 3d6 damage); No. Appearing: 1; Save As: MU 13; Morale: N/A; Alignment: D
Bio-weapons left over from the war that allegedly drove the Azure Martins to extinction, the remaining Death Spores circle Mars, borne on solar powered wings, riding high in the atmosphere. It is unknown how many are left; but sometimes, one comes down

AC: 7; Hit Dice: 1; Move: 30; Attacks: 1; Damage: 1d4; No. Appearing: 10-1000 or more; Save As: F1; Morale: N/A; Alignment: D
Regardless of distance, all those who bear witness to the death spores decent; vomit uncontrollably for 1d3 rounds. Everyone within a mile of a Death Spore’s impact must Save vs. Death. Those who succeed suffer no damage, but fall into a dark, nightmarish slumber for the next 1d4 hours. Failure results in instant death. These dead will rise as zombies, their eyes an electric, luminous green, and make their way to the impact site. Once all the dead have gathered (2d6+2 hours) they will turn away from the crater,  join ranks and march towards the nearest population center,  bearing the green glowing sphere of the Death Spore in their midst and killing anything in their path. When the next settlement is reached the spore activates once more, and so on. The only way to stop the advance of these creatures is to destroy the spore. 
Adventure: returning from an errand beneath the surface, adventurers find that a vast army of Spore Zombies marches towards their location. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

B/X Mars preview: The Dragon Tower, cutaway.

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On to the Mars
This was originally the Dragon Towers, but i cahnged my mind whilst drawing the second tower and decided that at one time it was the Dragon Towers- now it’s just the Dtagon Tower.

Some of the data will be presented on the “mapistration” below. The Riders have the tip; a huge grav-lift extends up the entire length center of the interior; trees and other plants grow, attached to the lift-tube and terraces; creating a vertical forest, that runs from top to bottom inthis 2.5 mile high structure (ease up, sperg, 20% gravity).

Countless small and equsitely modifed caverns line the circular wall of the tower’s interirom, from the base to just below the airie at the tip.

 Dragon Tower
    • Ruler The Dragon Empress
      • Fourteen adult dragons live in the aeries atop the three great spires. 
      • Thirteen of these dragons select their own riders through the auspice of a strange, psychedelic and poorly understood process. 
        • The Dragon Riders control the skies of Zerzura.   
        • The exploits of the Dragon Riders exist as a topic of eternal interest to the Red Martians. Everyone has a favorite rider, of course
      • The fourteenth dragon, the immortal seeming Empress, rules the Dragon Towers. 
        • Her priests manage and watch the populace
    • Population 3000, predominately,  but not exclusively, Red Martians.
    • Provisions 
      • Numerous well maintained phototron banks and meat vats provide food. 
      • Each tower has its own well (and bathhouse). 
    • Tribute
    • The Shuttered Spire
      • A structure/landform nearly identical to the Dragon Tower.
      • All external entrances blocked.  
      • Rumored to have been invaded by horrific creatures and abandon and closed off as a result. 
    • Day to Day Life
        • Although potentially as indolent as any other red Martian settlemrnt
        • The origin of the towers is a topic of continual speculation amongst the citizenry. 
        • Many believe the towers are natural spires of stone, modified and reshaped over time to suit the needs of their residents. 
      • A rival school of thought contends the opposite to be the case. According to this view,  the towers are artificial structures, worn by erosion and design until they grew to resemble, somewhat, it must be grudgingly allowed, formations of a more natural sort.