Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[Art/ Icons] Mr. Hands, alien Super Hero

Mr. Hands

Prowess 7
Strength 6
Coordination 5
Intellect 8
Willpower 7
Stamina 13

Force Field 4 (Extra- extended)
Binding 3
Blast 4
Stretching 4
Super Senses 4 (Telepathy; Tracking; UV Visio; Spatial Sense)
Speciaties: Master Detective

Protector of (the mostly human/humanoid) Sky City on the planet Crone, Mr. Hands is a master detective always up for a fight against evil. However, Hands will always pursue a non violent option- if at all possible. The welfare of all parties involved in any conflict is on his mind at all times. If he has one fault, it is over compassion and, perhaps, he believes a bit too much in the potential for criminals to reform.
Mr. Hands' origins and home world are shrouded in secrecy.

Qualities: Total bro.
Challenges: We can Work it out. Lets give him the benefit of the doubt.

1) I based Hands' personality on Tom Strong.
2) Mr. Hands would be a good hero for the classic super hero fight based on misunderstanding. Just have the players stumble upon him fighting an unknown human villian before they know who he is. They will almost certainly pick the wrong side.

NEXT: Captain Steel: programmed for piratical perfection.



  1. Holy cow, I had to look that up. My nerd cred is fucking blown.

  2. I only know because Shuma-Gorath is in a fighting game:

  3. I really don't much like much REH past Conan, Black Vulmea, Solomon Kane, and a few of the more famous odds and ends (i.e. Valley of the Worm) i know nothing of Dr. strange past Ditko's departure.

  4. That's a fair amount of REH to like. :)

    Is this dude a bit biomechanical or strictly biologic?

  5. Biomechanical.
    And I like Cornen's Bloodstar better than Valley of the Worm.