Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[Map/color] The Black Smoke Sea, revisited.

I changed some names, and colored this. I'll be coloring some more old maps in the near future (My plan is to give The Province of Forgotten Empire the treatment, in order to further this effort of Jack's to replace the Dwarf kickstarter thingy. Dwarfs need a place to hang their... Whatever.

Anyway, this is what it is, but I imaging it could be used for a variety of PA settings, or even an alien world. I changed some names amd fixed some fuck ups. Anyone want to learn how to do these, from balnk paper to colored hexmap?


Bigger version.



  1. Holy fuck that is a nice looking map.

    Do I want to learn how to do that? Yes, but speak slowly, I'm a bit simple.

  2. It is easy, just time consuming. If you can draw a sloppy triangle, I can teach you the rest, including how to color it. I will assume that the base level of knowledge is zero. I'll start with a post about materials and making simple "icons" and go from there. I can even teach you how to lay a hex over a map you drew that does not have one.

  3. We're in luck, I like my triangles like I like my women: sloppy.