Friday, September 20, 2013

Place of Skulls, area 7

7. Dragon Skull

Door: All locked.

Smell: Dust.

Light: Dull red glow, emanating from the dragon skull


The center of this room is dominated by a 20' long dragon skull. The snout of the skull points east. It gives off a bit of heat and is warm to the touch.

A large chair made out of humanoid seeming bones resides within the skull, a seated figure looks out through the eye sockets. If a character sits in the chair they will heal all damage, and gain a permanent +1 to all their attributes- even if it mans pushing them above 18. If this occurs the skull will instantly cease to glow and no one else sitting in the chair will gain any benefit at all.



  1. Snazzy. The "one off" nature of this one will frustrate players no end. heh.

  2. It also rewards the brave, which along with the traps and other shit sends exactly the mixed message I think the ref should be sending. Sometimes it goes this way; sometimes it goes the other way.


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