Saturday, September 14, 2013

Place of Skulls: Area 4



4. The Salon

Door: Stone x 2. both are immensely heavy (6d6 STR check, up to three characters may add in their strength to the effort/check) to shift each one.

Smell: Reptile, brimstone, a hint of water.

Light: None- zero visibility.

Inhabitant: Ruinsnake

AC: 4(15) HD:3 HP 15 Morale 12 Attack bite/squeeze 1d6/1d4. Bite: save vs. spell, fail results in contraction of the Ruin Curse. I don't know what that is yet.


This high ceilinged (5m) room contains: a small canoe made from a mysterious black wood (dire wood- if there is an elf in the party INT check with 3d6 to ID) resting on a stand, suitable for three occupants or two and and some baggage; three amphora of wine (100 GP value each) decorated in Grall script and pictograms; one dust and tarnish covered drinking couch (if the couch is cleaned, four 200 GP gems will be revealed, two mounted in either arm); the crumbled remains of a chariot. Water seeps into the room and lies in a puddle in the NE corner.


The ruinsnake resides on the floor, behinds the amphora. It will wait to strike until someone draws near. Unless the characters are very cautious it should have surprise.


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