Thursday, September 12, 2013

Place of Skulls: Area 2

2. Ransacked Tomb

Door: Jammed.

Light: None

Smell: Moldy with a hint of Reptile

A broken stone sarcophagus lies in shattered fragments on the floor along with a rusted spear and short sword. The latter items, obviously of gnollic manufacture, have little value as treasure, but could be repaired and made useful. Careful inspection of the room will result in the discovery of a small coffer, at the rear of the chamber, behind the remains of the sarcophagus base. Seemingly carved to look like a humanoid heart, the coffer contains five otherworldly black gems, with obvious magical properties. Each will grant the bearer +1 bonus to all saving throws, however, bearers of the gem will test positive if scrutinized with a detect evil spell; carrying more than one gem will not grant any further bonus.


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  1. "Moldy with a hint of Reptile."

    Like the bouquet of a fine wine.


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