Monday, September 16, 2013

Place of Skulls, Area 6

6. Pit of Hands (trap)

Trigger: Weight on the floor.

Disarm: Cannot be disarmed, but can be avoided

Save: None for the lead character(s) in the marching order. All others: 5d6 DEX check.


The floor either side of the pit collapses downward, transforming into a slide. Characters that fail to save tumble into the pit and suffer 1d3 damage from the fall.

Each round after the trap is activated, 1d6 smoldering. ruin graven black arms sprout from the wall. Claw like hands strike and grasp at the pit's unfortunate new occupants. If one hand hits a character he is held back, and must destroy the hand, or break free from its grasp (4d6 STR check). Only one hand will grasp a character at a time. The remaining hands will attack, punching and clawing. A character must reman free for an entire round n order to climb out of the pit. Free PC's that choose to sacrifice their attack may actively dodge and thereby receive a +2 bonus to AC.