Friday, September 13, 2013

Place of Skulls, Area 3

3. The Screaming Dead

Door: Locked

Smell: Death

Light: A sickly, pulsating green light, emanating from sarcophagus' imperfect seal.

Inhabitant: 1 Screaming Wight

AC 4 (15) HD 3 HP 15 Attack 1d8 strangle/ 1d6 claw MV 120 Morale 12

As the door opens the wight will explode (screaming) out from sarcophagus and attack the closest PC. Its preferred tactic is strangulation. If it achieves a hit, the wight will latch on to the target's neck, doing an immediate 1d8 damage, and leaving deep black scars that will never fade. A 4d6 STR check is required to break free. Up to two other characters can assist.


Scream kills momentum -1 to all attacks. If escalation die house rule is being used: the escalation die is negated as long as the wight is up and screaming. Further effects: weapons dropped on a roll of 1-3; save vs spell or fall to the floor with hands over ears. Character can attempt to save again every round. Once made no further save is necessary. Wight dressed in suit of human sized black chain mail. Mundane tulwar sheathed at hip, slightly rusted, dull -1 damage until sharpened. Gems in hilt worth 1200 GP.


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