Sunday, September 8, 2013

[map] Beneath Urux

Beneath Urux, level one.

This is the first level of the dungeon below the fortress. I think it is all I am going to do with the site, leaving the rest for the individual referee. I think I am going to make it for 4-6 level characters, because who needs another 1st level dungeon?

Larger version

I need to redraw the fill. It sucks.



  1. I like the dungeon, and I like the idea behind the fill, but I agree that it's a bit hard to spot. For such a full dungeon level I'd say something really dark for fill would work good. Keep the crackle but maybe inverse it so it's white crack on a dark (50% grey?) background?

  2. @trey, thanks, man.
    @Gus, i may do that I am also going to try some Logos style cross hatching.

  3. I like it, i just want to see it poster sized