Sunday, October 28, 2018

Midnight Tides, Steven Erikson

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I have a horrible compulsion. Short of leaving the house, prose fiction is the only way to get me away from the drawing table. Getting me to read fantasy fiction wrought in the 21st century is a tough nut to crack- but I need something long, and life too short to rush through Dickens (I only do one or two a year).

I am not going to equivocate or qualify. These are good, solid books- at least up until a point- things get dicey at around book 7. Each has three act structure- something most fantasy authors seem to have a bit of a problem with; a crazy huge cast of characters; and enough head scratching to keeep you baffled, but not too baffled.

EDIT: Gardens of the Moon and Deadhouse gates are not quite as good as the others, imo.
Honestly, if it’s your first time, baby- I’d just skim the wikipedia articles and be done with them- I know this is counter intuitive, but start with Midnight Tides and skip to House of Chains, which is its direct sequel; go back later if you want more.

Antyway, the fifth book released, Midnight Tides is actually the first book of the series were to be ordered chornologically.   So WE”RE going to do this one first, and then we’ll move on to Gardens of the Moon and Deadhouse Gates and so on.  So if you’ve got ‘tides holding a door open someehere in your house get it out and lets have a go at it. Used copies are crazy cheap, especially considering these books are viable weapons.  We can figure shit out- without resorting to the fan wiki.

“Ooh, I hate the sisters , I’ve got dish-washing duty again!” Naneve tugged her braid.
“Well we blew through the Fellowhip of the Ring structure and book one; kitchen politcs all we’ve got,” Rand tugged his braid.

“So winter’s coming.”
“I guess?”

Also unlike some of the other popularr franchises- shit actually happens thoughout the books.

Random thoughts:

Deep time: The deep time flashbacks don’t really set up action or explanation of relationships or past events centered upon the viewpoint characters. Generally the deep time stuff relates foramtive events that have the impact of natural disasters or geological shifts in the ay they set the stage for ages later. Some of the deep time characters might show up, but they harley ever do shit.

Warrens: alternate dimesions that exist as plationic ideals of the funimental forces of the Malzan univers. These realms can be traveled throigh and sorcerers can draw power though them as well.also the warrens seem more of a reflectionshadow of the main world, but twisted in the direction of the warren itslef. The past is also a warren.

Anyway, do some curls to get ready, and haul this one out.

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