Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cosmic Tales print run?

Just in case you were drunk (again) earlier and missed my first post today, check it out- it has a naked woman and a table too; I heard tell you like tables.

Cosmic Tales print run

I’d love to do this just as POD, but Indy Planet refuses to find my W-9; I have sent them three times. Their advice is always send us your W-9. Not send it again, mind you, just send it. Communication is not really a thing with IP. 

So, I’m doing a print run. 
5.95 USD plus shipping (I don’t know yet) unless you’re Trey, his is free. 

If you’re in Space or Europe (as an American I’m a little fuzzy on the difference, really) shipping is going to suck- but not that bad. I mailed Jez a copy of Moldvay and it cost like 10 bucks; with Australia being in Eastern Europe and all, I figured it would be about the same to send it to Brazilistan or whetever that one with the weird food next to France is called. 

Anyway, It’s 48 pages of story 2 pin ups and previw splash page. 

If you think you might be interested please leave a comment. 

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