Thursday, October 18, 2018

BX Mars Previw: The Dragon Keepers


Stewards of the last dragon clan. 

Places of Power: The Dragon Towers; the Dragon Garden

Leader/Hierarchy: the thirteen dragon riders command great respect, but the fourteenth dragon, the legendary and rarely seen Brood-mother aka the Empress rules and administers the day to day affairs of  the Towers through her mind controlled warrior-priests. 

The Shape of Things: The Dragon Keepers command the skies over this part of the Great Dry Sea through the power of the thirteen adult dragons. The queen has the best spy network in the region, which is said to extend beyond the Great Rift,  to the strange and savage wastes of the north.   

Goals: The Empress-Mother desires nothing more than to maintain the status quo, but, even so, an opportunity to destroy the Bleeding God would not be unwelcome. 

Demeanor: Dragon Riders are selected seemingly at random. No two are alike.

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