Monday, October 1, 2018

BX Mars session two AP

Mars play report

Session one: two mentons and thark find a map, a weird triangle thing; explore a tower and kill an albino ape. 

Not so Brief AP from session two. 
Lured in by the scent of bbq Ape, Leopold from Terra joins the boys. Together they set off over the desert for the Pyramid. 
The pyramid is a day and half walk away. Twice along the way the group is accosted by ant-men. Drox and Quas are able to scare them off with crazy lucky energy weapon shots each time. Many ant-men die, cooked meat and red shell fragments rain from the sky; it’s like a bomb went off in a lobster tank. 
Death comes easy on the Red Planet- or so one would think. 

Upon arriving at the Pyramid they find a huge pool next to the monument. Water pours into the pool from an eroded fountainhead half way up the pyramid’s side. 

They slake their thirsts, fill their water bottles and see a giant tattooed croc in the bottom of the pool. As they begin to discuss killing the croc and breaching the Pyramid, like common vagabonds, the ground begins to shake. The tripod strides over the dunes. And looks down on them from its single eye. It is twenty feet tall. Eventually, although it harms no one,  the tripod drives them away from the pyramid. 

From there the group heads east towards an Airship wreckage. A strange atonal melody lures them off track however and they find themselves standing in front of a battered bell like structure topped by strange metal tines- which coupled with the wind account for the desert music. 
After entering the structure and descending a ruined escalator, they find a small facility of technological design, but ruined beyond use or understanding. 
A huge cybernetic arachnid  attacks from a pit in the floor; a few savage blows from the fellas sends it back into its hole. 
Nelvo discovers a tunnel in the wall of the larger of the place’s room. Stooping, the party enters the tunnel and finds a monorail, with a handcart. Mounting the hand cart, they set off down the track. 
Things are pretty swell really. 
The track and tunnel end. A rough hewn set of stairs leads upward to a door. The door opens on a wide natural cavern with several pits cut into the floor. Huge one-eyed shark-toothed THINGS begin to climb out of the pits. Laughing and midnight hued, a boneless seeming and obscenely thin humanoid with a head of flashing lights and impossibly long fingers snapping like whips, begins to moonwalk towards the characters whispering “Morsels for the Master; morsels for the master” 
Everybody runs, not back the way they came, but through an archway to the left. 
The interior surface of the corridor they enter is pulsating veiny pink flesh, milky misshapen eyes start to open all along the walls. 
Someone says- fuck this place! or something to that effect.
Creepy pursuit noise spurs them on into another room. A cavern again, but this time full of high tech gear.  A mist clings to the floor. Tubes and vats, vaguely humanoid shapes stirring within,  stand in rows, vanishing into the mist towards the back of the room. 
There is no time to linger and they run through a natural arch and into a another flesh hall. A series of twist and turns bring them to heavy door- they pass through into a circular room with a pit in place of a floor. A huge sslorg writhes at the pit’s bottom, reaching hungrily upward with its tentacles.   The controls for a retractable bridge can be seen on the pit’s far side. Leopold grabs Drox and leaps across the pit. The sslorg attacks grabbing Drox’s leg!
On the other side of the pit Nelvo and Quas Joktar look back they way they came only to see a score or more knife and cleaver wielding little humanoids apparently stitched together from spare parts, boil into the passageway crawling on the walls and ceiling like a swarm of roaches and screaming “Morsels for the Master!” Over and over again.
Quas closes the door. 
Leopold rips the tentacle clean off the sllorg. The bridge is extended, just as the outer door starts to cave in as if from some great force. The group opens the door on the far side of the pit and enters the room beyond.
They meet Dr Stitch.
He kills them all, except Nelvo who runs into a wall with a spearpoint against his chest.
Later, they wake up.
Each has been completely healed, and lies behind an energy field, alone in a cell, one of several lining the outside of an oval room.  In that room there is a large slab. Dr Stitch hovers over the slab as the horrible butchered thing upon it shudders and dies. 
The doctor takes a tarry looking black sphere about the size of grapefruit from his lab coat and holds it over the corpse. 
It flows away from his hand and covers the corpse in a thick black sheath. Minutes later, it contracts back into a ball, leaving a living and seeming healthy Red warrior strapped to the slab.
He wakes looks around him.
He  begins to scream.
Dr Stitch laughs long and hard and then leaves the room. 
End session. 

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