Monday, August 5, 2013

Kickstarter 3d virtual Table Top for tablets...

This is for tablets, including the Fire, which they give away with checking accounts now, no shit. If you have a tablet andriod or apple go HERE and get linked to a FREE DL of the current version (which is 100% bad ass) otherwise, go there anyway and watch the demo video. Then figure out how to get a tablet.
The Kickstarter starts tomorrow.
Right now the app has no network capabilites, but the kickstarter's intent is to make it usuable online. Which will take it beyond awesome, all the way to fuckawesome.
I will be throwing some money at this. If it comes to fruition, I think it will revolutionize online gaming... Again.
I cannot express hiw much I love this fucking thing. We used it yesterday to play B/X. I made my own maps, we googled images to make our own minis. It is unbelievably easy to use. Sometimes, I just goof with it for an hour or three. You can pass the the fucking battlemap around the table. You could play a tactical mini game in a fucking moving fucking car.
Anyway, with this app, a tablet, and some pdf's you can literally have everything you need for a game with you all the time. It kind of makes me want to play some (don't be offended, grogster) 4e, really, as all the barriers fade away.
Here are some pics, including my own maps and minis.

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