Monday, August 5, 2013

Dwarf Lore I


The Unified:
The Universal Myth, shared by all the folk of the Kalid-Idar as well as the dwarfs, holds that at one time dwarfs, humans, elves, and halflings were one people. The ruins that lay scattered throughout the world are thought to be the remnants of the unified culture, commonly referred to as the Forgotten Empire.

The Sundering
There are many theories, but no one is certain why the Sundering, as the segregation of the Unified into all the separate peoples of the world is called, came about or even exactly what form it took. What is known, however, is that it happened very abruptly, about ten thousand years prior to the current era. It is after this mysterious event that recorded history commenced, or rather recommenced. The Unified, did in fact, have a written language, many examples survive on monuments and there are even a few odd scrolls in the possession of wizards and kings. The script, however, remains undeciphered.

The World Above
In their own language, dwarfs name the the land above the earth and under the stars the Kalid-idar. Translated it, means, quite literally, "the scab."

The World Below
Kabaurud, the dwarf name for the world beneath the world's surface, down to the mantle, translates as either "heart" or "hollow" dependent upon dialect and context.

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