Thursday, July 14, 2011

Skeletal Warrior (Player Character Version)

Skeletal Warrior (Player Character Version)

STR* 3D6


DEX* 3D6

CON* 3D6



Skeletal Warriors, or the Half-dead as they are sometime called, were created during the course of a war lost in the Mists. At one time there were vast numbers of these creatures, but in these latter days there numbers have dwindled. Most of the Half-dead are mindless undead automatons, usually employed by a renegade Shae Sorcerer or a group like the Changers. Player character Skeletal Warriors are among the few that have spontaneously gained self-awareness. Some are haunted by hazy memories of their first life, before they were raised; many have no recollection of anything aside from their days as undead warriors. Due to the fragility of bone structure in the extremities, the hands of feet of Skeleton warriors are made from a compound of bone, necrotic flesh and enchanted stone.

Special: Skeletal Warriors have 2d6 to apply to their physical attributes (STR, CON, DEX). Skeletal Warriors do not require food or drink, but must bask in the light of the full moon for one full night every month in order to replenish their power. If two months are missed in succession the Skeletal Warrior temporarily looses 1d6 from all attribute scores. If the Skeletal Warriors passes two months without basking in the moonlight, they lapse in to a dormant state until they are exposed to the full moon for three consecutive months, at which time they wake. They must make a saving throw to retain memories and experience levels. If they fail, they revert to first level. Skeletal Warriors are immune to poison and receive a +2 to all saving throw.

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