Sunday, November 25, 2018

Cosmic Tales and some stuff I read.

Ten copies of Cosmic Tales remain available.

I decided to read Gardens of the Moon. 
It’s not good.
I think it can best be summed up as a sequel to an unwritten novel combined with “GM’s setting history nobody reads; let me tell you about my character and GMNPCs” the book. I gave up at about halfway and just skipped to Memories of Ice- or I will once I read a little something else.
Sorry is a great name, but it’s balanced out by how stupid of a name Whiskyjack is.
It’s a rocy start for sure.

Marvel Two in One 1-19.
Fairly pedestrian cape stuff, but with a great lead (the Thing) and it sets the stage for much cooler stuff later as Ben gees a life beyond the Baxter building.

X-Men Mutant Massacre Omnibus
Unrelentingly dour and full of the posturing nonsense that is most often associated with the franchise and its offshoots in the 90’s.
“You gotta prove yourself ta be an X-men, sugah”
“Girl you aint an one of the X-men best mind your own business and get me a beer.” Snikt.
“What’s going on? I’m in an endless power loss arc; also suddenly really dumb,” Storm, “and what the fuck happened to my hair?”

The round robin of artists on the main title really brings things down, but aptly mirrors the dissolution of the franchise as well.
The book contains 10 issues of X-Factor- The worst thing to happen to mutants since the invention of the Sentinels.
I just don’t enjoy Walt Simonson like I once did, so no silver lining there.

Thanksgiving anology: By the time Liefield and company carve into the x-turkey,  they don’t ruin dinner; it’s too late for that; they’re your crazy cousin who interrupts Uncle Dementia’s endless coma inducing political screed by intiating a fart lighting contest.
The house, of course, burns down as a result.
At least you got out of eating the jello salad.

And now the good news

I’ve been rereading the short lived  John Buscema era of Amazing Spider-Man. i don’t want to undersell them, but these comics feel as fresh as a summer day to me. I can just about smell the dew on the grass in Central Park. Reading each issue feels like getting out of school early and shooting down the walkparh dodging bullies on your Free Former.

I have the omnibus editions (these stories are in V3) and the art and colors are breathtaking. The light and the spave of the four panel grid, so often used, takes you there, and gives these comics a more than modern feel.  By this point Lee has both improved and cut down on the dialogue. This entire period involves mobsters and magic tablet. It’s some crazy awesome shit, and the wrong kind of silly for cape comics in 2018.
There are weak issues here and there along the way, but I really don’t have anything negative to say about Amazing Spider-Man 1-350.
When everything else goes wrong, friends, read some goddanm Spider-Man.

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