Sunday, November 4, 2018

B/X MARS: Faction Preview: The Changers

 An ab-god,  ressurectionist,  and committed medical experimenter, The Doll Maker controls an army of his own manufacture comprised of undead and freakish warriors produced by his experiments.  Assisted by several lesser mad scientists, the Doll Maker also controls a network of spies, and agents throughout the region and perhaps beyond. 

Places of Power The Black Hand, a twisted tower tree south of Xards. 

The Shape of Things The Doll Maker employs agents of all sorts throughout Zerzura. The largest contingent of his network, however, is engaged in the occupation of procuring corpses. 

Goals The Doll Maker and his organization strive to build a powerful army. the Doll Maker wished to march on Shadow Canyon and eradicate whatever alien presence resides there.  

Demeanor Capricious and unpredictable, the Doll Maker is as likely to help someone as harvest them for parts. He is, however, always on the lookout for able agents, and, especially recent intelligence regarding Shadow Canyon.

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