Thursday, November 1, 2018

BX Mars Faction Preview: House Zolo

The individuals and organizations under the control of the Crimson Queen, ruler of the Great Stone Ark. 
House Zolo’s power is primarily represented by the Crimson Blade, the city’s army/police. 

Places of Power: The Red Mast,  aboard the Great Ark. 

The Shape of Things:  The incomparably lovely Crimson Queen, Zenia Zolo, closeted ab-god, rules the Great Ark and House Zolo. Zenia has held this post for an impossibly long time. Everyone ultimately answers to her. Despite the lies and propaganda that surround her, no one believes she is human. 

House Zolo has a long-time and profitable relationship with the Herd.  The Herd trades openly only with House Zolo and the Grax. The market at the Great Arc exceeds all others in quality. 

The Crimson Blades, chief operatives of the House Zolo comport themselves with arrogance and aggression.  They rarely interact with outsiders, but when they do it usually ends badly. 

Many of the officers and rank and file members of the Crimson Guard and the  intelligence networks are blood relations to the Queen- or so it is said. 

Goals: the Queen wishes to further The Ark’s dominance of trade. 

Demeanor:  Rapacious and somewhat out of control,  not unlike its leader, House Zolo threatens all who enter its sphere of influence. 
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