Monday, November 19, 2018

Cosmic Tales # 1 on sale here, I guess, whatever.

This post fills me with terror.
After half a decade of threats

CosmicTales #1 is on sale.

22 available copies.

What you get: 48 pages of story and two pages of pin ups, three if you count the next issue promo.
5.95 + 3.99 shipping and handling (US) international we’ll work it out in email.
My pay pal is the metal earth “at” gmail; no spaces.
Write a thoughtful or especially obscene email and I’ll do a letters page, for Number 2; they’re all number 2, friends.

I’ll order more if there is interest. I’ll fisnish this post after I reign in the laughtears.

Fair warning: you’ll be going on a bit of an artistic journey with me as my resitstance to devloping a style is utterly destroyed and I’ve gone a good deal further since finishing this in March(?).

Thanks for all the support and pestering.
Trey Causey did the cover colors and the log

Dude, your copy is cleared for launch. I have to rescan your original art, though. I redrew Talon’s ass. Surprising, I know, but I’m all about the quality.
You are clear to talk shit about the comic in whatever venue you prefer.

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