Thursday, November 12, 2009

War Worm
AC: 5
Hit Dice 3
Special: See Below
Move: 12
XP: 75
War Worms came to the Metal Earth thousands of years ago as part of a failed invasion from beyond the Dark Boundary (entry forthcoming). The invasion was broken, but many War Worms were trapped on the Metal Earth as a result. In the current day (The Age of Lead), most War Worms serve as mercenaries for evil sorcerers or live as bandits or pirates. Although, they do at times, maintain their own settlements, these usually occupy ruins or villages they have overrun. War Worms make nothing but war. Like the other Worms of the Metal Earth, they eat anything they can get.

Physically they are about five meters in length with putrid grey boil ridden hide. They fight with any available weapon, but their jagged teeth will do in a pinch.

Special: Some war warms still possess the technological weapons their forebears brought to the Metal Earth. These are usually solar powered blasters. These weapons can fire 3 times a day, they do 1d6 damage and negate all non magical/ technological armor types and have a +5 hit against creatures with natural armor- like scales . this last part may create a need for referee adjudication. The to hit bonus should not be in effect against creatures that get their AC primarily from dextarity, like monkeys or big cats.

What I really need to do is come up with a system for dealing with technological weapons vs. archaic armor.


  1. A) I love your illustrative style



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