Wednesday, August 30, 2017


The streets and terraces of the great city of Neopolis are patrolled by a lobotomized, cyber controlled and enhanced paramilitary police force, officially dubbed Wolf Soldiers, but commonly called ‘Dogs’ by residents of the city.
Dogs, as one might expect move in packs. The standard pack consists of twelve dogs, one of which has not been lobotomized and controls the other. The pack leader (commonly referred to as the Bitch) is otherwise indistinguishable from his charges. All dogs wear mirrored visors and black body armor. 
Notoriously hard to kill, Dogs have augmented strength, endurance and senses. They can see in the infrared and pick up radio transmissions, although they rely more on their enhanced olfactory whilst hunting for suspects.
Each carries a maser pistol and shock truncheon; both of which self-immolate if the Dog is killed. All Dogs have a low yield explosive housed in their chest

Next week, I’ll have art and stats (ICONS) for these guys, and if all goes well that Map I promised last week