Friday, November 4, 2011

Halls of the Hidden Prince areas 15-20

I'll probably add to all these descriptions when I do the final version, so please consider this a draft. I encourage you to make comments and suggestions below. Furthermore, feel free to make use of the map[s] in your home campaign without saddling yourself with the burden of my substandard key. As usual, I'm not sure what I'll be posting next. And lets face it, I'm batting near zero with such predictions anyway.

For those of you that are interested, I'm on track with the novel- or rather I will be if I finish today's entry. I'd link you, but really, I don't dislike any of you nearly enough to point you in the direction of my first draft fiction.

Reminder: the map for this level is on the left and the tag at the bottom of the post will bring up the other entries in this series.

Carry on-

15. Wide Corridor

Illumination: Glow Strip Gold (Mellow, but very bright).

The floors are made of polished marble. Both double doors are of the same stuff, and ornately carved with the visages of serious looking minotaurs. The floor is cracked and fractured. The cracks radiate off a pair of large divets that appear to have been made by the impact of giant fists. Three desiccated bodies are pinned to the west wall with spears, about five feet above the floor. Once again everything herein is covered in dust and cobwebs.

16. The Garden

Illumination: Artificial Sun Yellow

Smell: Green growing things.

A crackling ball of orange energy hangs about 10 meters in the air above the center of the floor. The walls are covered in vegetation and the ceiling is lost in the mist above. A gentle rain drizzles down from overhead.

There are no animals in this room, and the only noise is that of dripping water and the sputtering artificial sun.

Although the room appears to be a healthy garden comprised of many different sorts of plant- there is actually only one plant: the huge, aggressive, and semi-sentient club moss.

Club moss.

AC 10[9] HD: 6 Move:0 [but can reach anywhere within the room]. Attack: Bash 1d6 (3 X round) XP: 600

The club moss will attack 1d6 rounds after the characters enter the room or when they reach an area far from the door- whichever occurs first. It takes ½ damage from fire.

If the characters decide to probe the artificial sun, any object (e.g. sword, pole) that touches it is instantly consumed and the wielder must make a saving throw or take 2d6 damage. Any living being that touches the artificial sun is instantly consumed.

17. The Processional

Illumination: none

Smell: Dust and mildew

It appears the walls in this room were once covered with tapestries. These have long since decayed and fallen to the floor, as evinced by the several piles of ragged remnants. Two of these piles are actually Raglings, and will reconfigure themselves into giant mummy like creatures 3 rounds after the room has been entered. AC 4 [16] HD 2+2 Move:12

18. Library.

Illumination: Ever burning fire in the room’s center

Smell: Moldering books

The books in this room have mostly fallen to dust. A loaded (4 chamber) revolver and spell book [contents referee’s discretion] lay on a writing desk in the NW corner of the room A wheelbarrow loaded with a pile moldering foodstuffs, four bottles of fine wine and a moth eaten sack containing 200gp rests beside the table.

19. Stairs down to level 3.

Illumination: Dull green glowstrip to the end of the corridor, the stairs are dark

Smell: Hot metal and excrement

There are fresh bloodstains smeared along the floor, ceiling and walls of corridor and trailing on down the stairs. The noise of dripping water can be heard faintly, coming up from far below.

20. Stairs to level 2.

Illumination: Spill over from area 15, which fades away to darkness near the bottom.

Smell: A rank, but unidentifiable odor.

The staircase is a wide affair of polished limestone, cut from the living rock. There is no noise or motion.