Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halls of the Hidden Prince Area 11-14

Just a little warm up as I begin today's novel plod. I've put a direct link to the map on the left, just click on the image and it will expand and shit. Furthermore, the tag at the bottom of this post should take you to the other entries.

I'm thinking of doing a new drawing for the header, if anyone has any ideas please share them in the comments.

11. The Coat Room.

Illumination: Glow Strip Yellow.

Scuff marks on the floor lead to both secret doors. They can be found in 1d6 rounds each of searching.

12. Narrow passage of natural stone.

Illumination: None.

13. Jail.

Illumination: none.

Rats and small lizards scurry away at the first sign of light. There is nothing to see here but the skeletal remains of several unfortunates.

14. Main Dining Room

Illumination: Magical torches (6)

Smell: Dust and Carnivore droppings

Despite the cheery torchlight, this room is as dusty and unused as the others. Here too, there is evidence of a struggle. Chairs and tables are overturned. Dark stains, visible even beneath the thick coat of dust, mar the walls and floor. Faded murals of Minotaurs engaged in all manner of activities, ranging from feasting to copulating, adorn the walls.

Anyone who bothers to look can see many paw prints of a medium sized quadruped trail through the dust, on the floor and up the walls.

The door in the west wall leads only to a wall of natural stone.

Three ceiling sloth live in the ornate chandelier. They have acid for blood and live in near continual state of pain. As a result they hate everything that lives.

AC: 6 [13] HD: 1+1 Move: 6 (can walk on walls and ceiling at same rate) Attack: Tail stinger 1d6 Special: on a hit from the tail stinger ST or paralyzed for 20 rounds – Constitution score. XP 100. The ceiling sloth’s preferred tactic is to drop down on individuals from above as they cross the center of the room. They will however, attack within 1d4 rounds after the room is entered.

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