Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gods, why did I eat that goblin sausage?

Every day in the wilderness/cavern whatever all characters have to make 1d4 saving throws vs. taking a really, really, really inconvenient shit. There is no limit to how many days in a row this can be a problem. PC's can opt to hold the shit in, which leads to another saving throw- against 'roids. failure leads to 1d3 piles, -25% of movement rate for each one and -1 on all combat rolls for each one as well. These piles will take 2d4 days to subside, during this time the character must make hourly saving throws. A failed ST results in uncontrollable weeping- at both ends. .


  1. Here at The Metal Earth it's all about the content- of your intestines!

  2. Shit properties random table:
    1 - hard as rock, blackened. It hurts!
    2 - white as chalk, hard as bone;
    3 - slimy and green;
    4 - green and glowing in the dark;
    5 - long as a serpent, stinking horribly;
    6 - born in severe pain - save vs death or 1d6 damage;
    7 - semi-intelligent, babbling continuosly;
    8 - ordinary, but very big (1d20 pounds!);
    9 - blue, watered, with something utterly alien crawling in it;
    10 - intelligent and self aware.

  3. Thank you, Omlet. We have now moved the discourse onto a much higher level!

  4. And of course all of this will attract monsters...

  5. Well, it sure won't attract hot elf chicks.

  6. @Omlet:

    11. Stubborn. It seems to be trying to climb further up.

    12. Invisible, but otherwise normal.

  7. 3d6-6 pieces of corn and/or peanuts

  8. Some days I think there needs to be a way to bring people to my table for a game!