Monday, March 28, 2011

Character Classes: Plan A and Plan B

I’m still working this out, and I have two alternating plans.

Plan A: the players may chose from the classes listed below, each of these classes will have a number of options with witch a player may further customize the character in question. For example a sorcerer may be a healer or necromancer, or a bit of both depending upon his choices. A slayer may be a soldier, an assassin or a brawler. Another level of customization may be available through mulit-classing. Each character would only be allowed to advance in one class at any given time, but may chose to take a level in a different class upon leveling up in their current class. For example, upon gaining second level in the Slayer class, Sarken the Scourge decides to take a level in the Hunter class. This would be subject to GM approval.

These are the classes under plan A

Mastermind: The scientists, intellectuals and engineers of the Metal Earth. Examples from literature: Turjan of Miir, S’nerg (Hiero’s Journey), Tomb the Dwarf (Viriconium), Guyal of Sfere (The Dying Earth), The Red Queen (Den Saga)

Outlander: A warrior from another time or place. Examples from literature: Den, John Carter, Kamandi, Sumner Kragen (Radix) and many, many more.

Hunter : Scouts, savages and beast-friends these seasoned individuals have the know how necessary to thrive in the wild. Examples from literature: Naüsica, Hiero, the gelfling chick from Dark Crystal.

Sorcerer: Wielders of the realty warping power of magic. Examples: Turjan of Mur and Mazirian the Magician (The Dying Earth).

Slayer: Soldiers, assassins, swordsmen, brigands, members of this class are skilled in dealing death to their opponents. Examples form Literature: Severian (The book of the New Sun), Tuftan (Kamandi), Ulan Dhor (The Dying Earth)

Plan B:

There are two classes Sorcerer and Adventurer, any and all special abilities have to be worked out with the referee. I may provide a list of suggestions, like “Speak with lizards” and “crack shot” and shit. I don’t know. Maybe there will be a random table of special abilities.

Regardless of which way I go (as of this writing, I’m leaning heavily towards Plan B) there will be two ‘race’ as class options (Robot and Halfdead); mutations (mostly psionic in nature) and Sorcerers will be able to use any sort of weapon- except guns (the mechanisms of firearms and energy weapons mess sorcery up).

Actually, I may have made a decision while writing this post, but I have to think on it.


  1. Why don't you post / write both options?
    And the second one is better looking for me :-)

  2. I think maybe I will, but the more I think about it, the more I like the second option as well.

  3. I'd vote for plan B too.

  4. About weapon restrictions - maybe my idea will lead you to some conclusions :-) Here is the link.

  5. I'm torn on the weapon thing, but I think I'll stick with my plan. Guns and energy weapons are rare, like magic items- this will become apparent when I get into writing up my section on gear- so as levels go up the Sorcerers inability to pull a gun become a much bigger deal, because the other party members are likely to have them, but this, is in turn, compensated by their access to more potent spells. Anyway, I'm more or less set on plan B.

  6. Sounds cool. I've been finding standard character classes for all a bit restrictive lately, too.

  7. Another for Plan B... that's how I run my space opera campaign. When the characters level they open slots for new specials that they can fill psionically, technologically or through hyper-learning.

  8. Oddly, I find myself inclined towards Plan B... usually I like several class options. I think I'm most attracted to the random special abilities.

  9. I'm preferring Plan B also...but I liked the Mastermind class quite a bit.

    ...and remember, when guns are so advanced that they are indistinguishable from magic items, only magicians will have guns.

  10. Yeah, I like the idea for the Mastermind class as well. It is really the only redeeming feature of Plan A.

    Maybe Plan C would be three classes; Mastermind, Adventurer, and Sorcerer. Hmmmmmmmmm. That really seems to cover the Science Fantasy spread, too.

    Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the input!