Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Running and Playing Quake City:

 What is Quake City? 

A series of blog posts, very much inspired by the Batman: Cataclysm  storyline from DC detailing an urban based superhero RPG adventure/campaign designed to take place during the aftermath of major tectonic disturbance or similar disaster. 

Post Two:

Running and Playing Quake City:

Although, as presented here Quake City is Thornhaven, USA,  it could be any city real or fictional in any universe.

GM’s may wish to  begin gameplay just before the quake. PCs can be together or separate, engaged in their day to day lives or in the middle of an adventure. The quake will throughly alter the landscape and reframe the context of whatever it is they are doing. 

Short solo adventures leading up to the quake may provide an excellent opportunity for character development. 

The quake alters the status quo- so players new to the setting will not be at any particular disadvantage as they learn its specific characteristics. Everyone, including its longtime residents, PCs or otherwise must learn the new normal. 

If using published setting, it might be a good idea to let most of the established characters remain missing or out of action due to injury or other reasons. This will give the PCs characters time to shine. 

Other stuff:
An additional reminder for anyone who missed it, I launched my Webcomic The Planet Eaters earlier this week, you can read the first installment here: The Planet Eaters

Here is the new cover I just drew this morning for another website: 

Mars: I've fooled around with a lot of ideas, but what I really want to do is make it into a complete game with full color art. 

Back in a few days with some more Quake City. 

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