Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Quake City: Causes

What is Quake City? 

A series of blog posts, very much inspired by the Batman: Cataclysm  storyline from DC detailing an urban based superhero RPG adventure/campaign designed to take place during the aftermath of major tectonic disturbance or similar disaster. 

 Natural causes

It may serve the flavor of the campaign to have the quake be of a conventional sort. A natural quake removes a guilty party who can be simply punched away. It’s a cold choice that will add a layer bleak hopelessness to your game as heroes accustomed to finding meaning and bringing justice will have no real opportunities to do either. 


Complications: Tsunami, aftershocks.

Meteor Strike

Complications: Tsunami, aftershocks, additional impacts.


A new mountain rises off the coast. 

Complications: Tsunami, aftershocks, further eruptions, toxic gas, ash fall, potential pyroclastic flow. A volcanic event can leave an area unlivable for decades. 

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