Sunday, March 31, 2019

Star Wars AP 1

Star Wars AP
Session 1
Escape from Hoth:

Start: The Battle of Hoth
Taken from the front during the heat of battle, Lay-Sinn, the soldier and Gauge, the failed Jedi, were suddenly tasked with escorting Commander Danu, a pilot,  to his ship: The Distant Hope, an ancient Old Republic fast attack boat.

The officer who assigned this mission died in an ice fall seconds later. Danu took a fatal wound on the way to the ship, and barely remained alive long enough to make  the jump to light speed. 
Before he died the pilot imparted his mission onto Lay-Sinn and Gauge.
They were to find a world suitable for the new rebel base. The next step in their mission was to visit the planet Trinn, a water world and meet with an agent residing on the planet’s only island, in the planet’s only city: Port One.
The DH came out of light speed near Trinn; endured an inattentive imperial boarding party’s half assed search, and made landfall at Port One.
After leaving the ship the pair went to meet their contact at a fast food restaurant; a note passed to them told them to seek out Krusk in Pipe-town, deep beneath the surface, on the city’s lowest level. 
A few inquiries led them to Krusk, who gave the pair a computer storage crystal with the additional details of their mission and the course to a planet in a distant and little known sector at the galaxy’s rim. 
 As they left Krusks, a short distance down the pipe way, a gravity lift opened, discharging a squad of storm troopers led by Lorquin Qu’all, minor lord of the Sith. 

To be continued...

EDIT: Ref notes: the game was easily played although slowed by a little by page flipping; which is not to be unexpected in a first session. The second sessions way cooler. 

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