Thursday, March 28, 2019

Fractal Setting Three: Pyramid of Empire (Star Wars Part 1)

Fractal setting Creation three: 
A familiar example: Star Wars Part 1
The Empire

The Empire’s Pyramid: 
2.Vader/Moff Tarkin/ Aristocracy*
3 Organized crime; (formerly)the senate.
4. Top brass military officers- the guys Vader likes to choke
5. Military Personnel: Officers and administrative staff.
6. Enforcers: Stormtroopers; cops.
7. Citizens

Excepting the emperor, each category has a pyramid of it’s own- and in many cases, pyramids at the same level or even adjacent levels may battle over resources or power- or just as mutual expression of anger and hatred- even the Emperor is not immune. 

*the place of the aristocracy in the empire is ambiguous at best. Assuming it’s old money and and old boy network controlled, a place near the top seems fitting. 

It may or may not be useful to design a similar pyramid for your current setting. 

Of course we can argue about the exact placing below, if you like

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