Friday, December 7, 2018

Death Spore

AC: 0; Hit Dice: 12; Move: 240’; Attacks: 1; Damage: Death (Death Ray; save for 3d6 damage); No. Appearing: 1; Save As: MU 13; Morale: N/A; Alignment: D
Bio-weapons left over from the war that allegedly drove the Azure Martins to extinction, the remaining Death Spores circle Mars, borne on solar powered wings, riding high in the atmosphere. It is unknown how many are left; but sometimes, one comes down

AC: 7; Hit Dice: 1; Move: 30; Attacks: 1; Damage: 1d4; No. Appearing: 10-1000 or more; Save As: F1; Morale: N/A; Alignment: D
Regardless of distance, all those who bear witness to the death spores decent; vomit uncontrollably for 1d3 rounds. Everyone within a mile of a Death Spore’s impact must Save vs. Death. Those who succeed suffer no damage, but fall into a dark, nightmarish slumber for the next 1d4 hours. Failure results in instant death. These dead will rise as zombies, their eyes an electric, luminous green, and make their way to the impact site. Once all the dead have gathered (2d6+2 hours) they will turn away from the crater,  join ranks and march towards the nearest population center,  bearing the green glowing sphere of the Death Spore in their midst and killing anything in their path. When the next settlement is reached the spore activates once more, and so on. The only way to stop the advance of these creatures is to destroy the spore. 
Adventure: returning from an errand beneath the surface, adventurers find that a vast army of Spore Zombies marches towards their location. 

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