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Cosmic Universe Creation 4

Part 3

Part 4

More on Note-maps and Timelines.

When I edit this into a final document, the instructions will be more seamless; as it stands, however, after a period of reflection, I feel like the previous entry was more or less this:



Let's fix that by:






Answer the question:

What goes on the map?


In supers, anything goes. Unused campaign settings for other games make ideal alien worlds- regardless of genre. High fantasy; dinosaur planets; post apocalyptic science fantasy; giant robots; giant monsters; space monsters; worlds or whole sectors of space like the Old West or ancient China; Cthulu or whatever else you can think of, it can almost certainly be encompassed within the boundaries of your superhero universe with little or no trouble.

Make a list of what you want on the map.

Possible entries.

Duplicate Earth

Arena World

Artifact (planet sized or larger)

Robot planet

Center of the universe

God world

Inimical alien empire(s)

A breach in space-time leading to ?

Space storm

Prison planet

Pirate worlds

Demon world

Living planet

Dead worlds, destroyed by war, disaster or time

Fingerprints of the ancients


Important: A complete inventory of planets and sundry is not required to begin making the map/working on the timeline (Steps 3-?). You can mark down a few planets and then let your ideas cook for a few days before adding more. Further, this is a good time to work on the timeline, and think about any gods or natural forces that might be tied in with the fabric and history of space-time. Dig?

Today's example is a map of Drift Sector, a volume of space nested within the larger Earth? Universe map shown in part three of this series.



What goes on the timeline?


Birth of the universe

Origin of the space gods

Origin of space monster

Birth, rise and fall of great empires

The rise of super powers on earth

Humans go into space

Crisis events

Galactic and or terrestrial wars

Alien invasions

Formation of important groups


Below: a sample timeline: I find it helpful to put early events at the top and and move forward in time as I go down the page.



Lay out the map.

Note- the creator should feel free to modify any and all of this from materials to paper size to format.

For this map, we're going to use a sheet of standard printer paper in landscape orientation.


Make borders of 1 inch at the top and bottom of the page, and 1 1/2 inch on either side. Within this frame, thinking about the worlds you want in your setting, lightly draw in some circles and other shapes to represent the planets and such. Name stuff. Think about the inhabitants and the heroes and villains associated with the sector and its planets. Take notes on the side. If you are short on ideas, look at the list in step one- or read the homework.


Add some detail to the planets and other objects. A few lines here and there make a big difference. Be expressive!


Write a few words about each of the map's features in the margins. You need not be comprehensive. For instance, in the example below, I have yet to key the eight moons of Dominion; I am still mulling over their exact nature.


The map is perfectly servicable as it is, but you may wish to add Ink and color. I colored mine with the ipad app, Art Studio. I also cleaned up the text and added some campaign ideas I had while working on the map.


Okay, now it is your turn. Make a map.

Reading suggestions:

The Mighty Thor 131-133, Thor's first true foray into deep space.

Tom Strong 11-12, a great story featuring a "counter" earth.

Next time a world map, and some NPCs, or such is the plan.


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