Saturday, August 1, 2015

Age Of Lead: Sagoth (class) and Orkan (creature)






Hirsute and ape-like, the ab-human sagoth exist as the most populous and versatile folk in and around the lands controlled by the empire. Sagoth comprise a large part of the imperial legions (second only to skeletons) and the vast majority of the empire's farmers and artisans. Furthermore, large populations of sagoth barbarians live outside of the the empire's control.

Player characters are assumed to be imperial soldiers or outland barbarians.

RESTRICTIONS: Sagoth use a D10 to determine hit points. They may wear any armor and use any weapon. A character must have a 9 or higher constitution to become a sagoth.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Physically sturdy, sagoth add 1d4 to their final STRENGTH score. Sagoth relate to animals exceptionally well; at 3rd level a sagoth may charm animal as the spell, once per day. At 5th level the sagoth warrior gains a land mount, usually an orkan or a mammoth. At 8th level the warrior has the option to switch to an aerial mount, usually a war bat. Bat riders are held in high esteem, and are the closest a member of the sagoth class can really come to the aristocracy.

Progression and saving throw: as dwarf.




AC: 3 (15); HD: 15; MOVE: 120' (40'); ATTACKS: bite or trample; DAMAGE: 3d6/ 4d8;


These huge, surly beasts serve as mounts for the imperial light calvary. Notorious for their short tempers and hateful disposition, orkan prefer to trample medium sized and smaller opponents.

If an orkan fails a moral check during combat, it will turn on its rider.





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