Friday, November 21, 2014

[Maps] God Kings of Old Mars, Stark's Reach, notes.

So I was workong on my Mars xmass game thing when it occured to me that some things I'd done earlier, namely Skull and the Deep Desert stuff in the left sidebar, were better suited to Mars than they were to Metal Earth- and suddenly I have the backbone of a settng and, with some correction and alteration, a campaign area.

Anyway the first map is new. No effort has been made at any kind of accuracy.

Bigger version.

And this is the campaign area, a reworked version of an older map.
Bigger Version





  1. What files an idea toward mars vs. metal earth?

  2. I am mostly restricting Metal Earth stuff to the Ruinlands- although I have something slightly different in the works too. I was never happy with Deep Desert stuff the way it was, anyway, so this is as much a salvage operation as it is recycling.
    Mostly I decide based on instimct.

  3. I dig these. I also like that your going in a Sword & Planet direction.