Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Morning Confession and a map.

I really hate Gandalf. Really. like I wish he was real so I could kick his ass, eat his lembas, smoke all his weed and vandalize his car. Fuck you, Gandalf, you are a punk, do not park your shit mobile in front of my house, and no, I will not pick you up 'a little something' at the 'clinic' bitch.

Please share your own secrets in the comments- if you dare.

Here's your map. The site is located in (check it out I'm going to link myself multiple times, and I am not even using lubricant) the Hidden Forest which is part of the Caverns of Empire. The shrine, or at least the idea behind it, is based on Chavin, but with a stronger technological flavor. The narrow hatched rectilinear features (see the chapel walls) are flat screen displays. Also the place is very old, and the enchantment that holds it together is fading. The result is that the entire thing is on the verge of collapse. Also, worrying is the fact that the Monotaur will not enter the shrine. Perhaps it is the structural instability that keeps it away; perhaps it is something else.

This and all the realted stuff are all part of the framework/ setting for my new (in progress) novel, Underland. I'm currently working on the secomd chapter. Fiction writing is for fucking tools, btw.



  1. Very cool map.

    I don't know that I have any secrets that I would reveal short of intoxicants loosening my tongue. I have enemies everywhere! Ok, well maybe that was a secret.

  2. Love the map. I don't know if this qualifies, but I just finished the first set of Elric stories (Stealer of Souls), and they did less than zero for me. Elric-schmelric. What a bore.

  3. Your maps keep getting better. This one is AWESOME.

  4. I, um... I... purchased a LotFP product once :(

  5. Ben L writing fantasy requires a certain degree of fearlessness. One must be willing to take one's own crazy ass ideas seriously without taking the work itself too seriously. Moorcock fails at both.
    Trey and Dyson, thanks!
    YDIS, me too, bro, but it was on sale.