Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Map] The Bottom of The Black Smoke Sea, Inception

The Black Smoke Sea is the name given the enormous and relatively stationary volume of smoke and toxic gas that fills a large depression in the southwest region of the Deep Desert. The floor of the depression is a hellish place, hot, forever dark and choked with noxious clouds of poison. Strange life forms thrive there; aliens, machines, insects and fanatical nomads compete for the stingy resources afforded by the fouled wasteland. Savage predators stalk weird prey in smoke shrouded stone forests. Silverfish cluster and swarm, rushing across the broken earth in their clacking, rustling millions.

Gas masks, survival suits tanks, acid rain, e-rations, thirst, bugs, lava, smoke, sludge, air locks, trundles, blood lung, gas ghosts, slavers, domes, psionics, vulcanism, skin burn, contamination.

Sadly, I have done nothing new with elves here.