Monday, September 3, 2012

Last of the Icons drawings preview of drawings for Skull

We wrapped up our 2 year old ICONS game on Saturday whilst recovering from the show we all attended the prior evening. Here is the very last drawing I did for the game, it is one of the PCs after he has been given a cosmic upgrade.

And with that, the focus here will turn back to Skull, The Anvil of the Sun, Satan's Spine and the Metal Earth in general.

Here's a preview of an un-inked drawing  of a street scene...

Special Thanks to Jeff Rients for suggesting the skull shaped bowl for the pipe.


  1. I love the mood you're magicking up here and the art is only making it better.

  2. Street scene is very M├ętal Hurlant in mood, I dig the werewolf/wookie thing with skull pipe.


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