Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Deep Desert Map, a few words about space vampires and another pencil sketch

Here is the most recent version of the campaign area. The most significant change from the last map is the replacement of the (Athas like) Sea of Soot with the Black Smoke Sea, which is basically a basin full of toxic/cursed/radioactive gas.

Larger Version:HERE
Below is a sketch of Xolox, an island thrust above the Black Smoke Sea, which once housed the Drinkers of Truth, the order of torturers employed by the Leach Lords* during the vanished, long ago epoch of their dominion. The site has been abandon since the early days of the Flare, the coming of which broke the power of the Leach Lords seemingly forever.

This will be the site of the first adventure, and i think I will open the campaign with the characters looking upon just this view from the gondola of an out of control hot air balloon.

Larger Version: HERE

I have field work starting tomorrow so posting will be even more sporadic than usual. Mainly, though, I wanted to mention that beginning now and in the near future posts will address things that are of immediate importance to the campaign. To begin with that's going to be Xolox. I'll get back to Skull when the characters start in that direction.

*Space Vampires that held dominion over much of the Earth for several thousand years before the onset of increased of solar output which initiated the current epoch (the Flare) approximately 1000 years ago.


  1. Definitely! You, Aos, should create an archive or link to all of your artwork! I'd like to see it, I'm sure others would too!


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