Monday, February 27, 2012

Monk of the Metal Earth [class]

I'm likely reinventing the wheel here, but whatever, this is one of the characters that will go the Metal Earth Game (the first full draft of which is actually nearing completion). the inspiration from this comes from a forum post I read somewhere the other day about how one could use magic user spells to replicate a thief. Well, for a variety of reasons, I thought that was a bad idea, however, the core concept behind it struck me as really neato. At the same time I was thinking of how to implement Magic in my upcoming campaign. I've been all over the road with this in the last few incarnations of the game and I'm trying to find a permanent solution. This class, the Sorcerer class and the Witch class,  both of which I'll post later this week, may fix this problem and also fill the void left by the removal of the Cleric from the setting and the rules.

The spells listed are mostly from B/X (my new infatuation) and S&W WB. I'm going to make up about 20 more and awesome all the names to make them more monkish.

Anyway, here it is:
The Monk

Monks are highly trained and disciplined members of the pseudo-religious order The Marked. As a Monk completes stages of his training, he is marked with magical brands known as sigils. With proper mediation of an hour or more a day, the Monk can charge these sigils with energy drawn from his own life force. A charged sigil may be activated later by a series of body movements, known as a form. Each sigil has its own spell-like effect.

Racial restrictions: living beings only (i.e, no constructs or undead).
HD: 1d8
Combat: as Fighter
Saving Throw: As Cleric.
Monks with a 13 or greater wisdom receive a 5% bonus to, those with a 16+ DEX receive a 10% bonus to XP.

AC= 9- ½ level round down descending + Dexterity bonus; 10 + ½  level round down +Dexterity bonus ascending.

At first level a Monk can attack unarmed for 1d6 lethal damage.

At 4th level the Monk’s unarmed attacks can hit creatures vulnerable to silver and magic only.
At 5th level the Monk may use melee weapons.
At 6th level the monk may use missile weapons.
At 7th level the Monk gains the ability to use his spells on others.

First level Monk spells

Heal Minor Wounds
Protection from Chaos
Detect Magic
Purify food/drink
Resist Heat/Cold

Second level Monk Spells
Continual Light
Detect Invisible
Find Traps
Speak With Animals

Third level Monk Spells
Dark Vision
Protection From Normal Missiles
Protection from Chaos 10’ radius
Rope (like web, but with a rope)
Water Breathing

Fourth level Monk Spells
Heal Major Wound
Neutralize Poison
Plant Growth
Polymorph Self
Speak With Plants

Fifth Level Monk Spells
Astral Projection


  1. I have always detested the monk class, but I have to say Aos this is the best treatment of the class I have ever seen. I would even consider letting my players use this version.

  2. Nice work. If you want to make it a bit more wuxia you could add something regarding jumping and falling. Those are always powers I have associated with the monk class. Though I guess levitate and fly take care of that, even if that doesn't feel quite as physical.

  3. You're totally right. I'm already planning on replacing fly with jump and levitate with feather fall or something.


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