Thursday, February 16, 2012

[Icons] Island X Primer

As I've mentioned before, Earth Zero is my Icons campaign setting. It diverges from our earth during  WW2 when the supers first start showing up (for the second time, the first time was 35kya but nobody remembers that). My campaign is set in 1950, but this adventure takes place in 2004. I really dig the idea of having my payers go into what is the 'future' and have it be totally wrong in comparison to our world.

Island X is an attempt to mix two things that i think we're really made for each other Japanese style Kaiju (giant monsters) and American style supers.

Anyway this is very much a work in progress, I have many of the hexes detailed, but I haven't typed them up yet. I also have a couple more maps I need to ink before I can scan and post them (e.g. X Force X's volcano base).
This was supposed to be a filler adventure, but we're out to session four with it and no end in sight.
Here is what I have typed up so far- I'm like only half a step in front of the players now.

Island X Primer:

The South Pacific, 2004 AD.

During the late 20st century, giant monsters of unknown origin ravaged the Earth. The world devolved into a state of chaos as the remaining nation states struggled for decades to beat the giant creatures back.

Status Quo:
The year is now 2004 and the monsters have long since been defeated. Island X is used as a combination containment area and preserve for the last of these creatures. X Force X, a Japanese paramilitary organization administers the island and keeps a watch on the monsters. Due to the force field which surrounds the landmass, radios do not work on or around the island. Furthermore the island can only be reached by submarine. As a result, traffic between the mainland and Island X is very limited.

Situation: A super villain strike force has gotten past the force field and attacked the X Force X troops in as an attempt to take control of the island and the monsters. The attack is in its second day when the characters arrive.

Several groups vie for control over the island and its inhabitants.

X Force X- is a Japanese paramilitary organization dedicated to keeping the monsters on the island. They are armed with lots of high tech stuff. They mostly fight with mechs. Their headquarters is located in the extinct volcano Mt. Muti, in the center of the island. Currently they are at war with the Spider super-villain strike force led by Iron Mask.

[note- None of the PCs know Japanese and all of them fought in WW2.]

Spider Super Villain Strike Force: A group of super villains brought to the island by Iron Mask. Iron Mask has technology that will control the monsters and hopes to use them to conquer the world.

Beast Men: There is a population of a about 500 beast men. They are the stewards of the Time Caves.

Giant Monsters: there are a number of giant monsters on the island.

The Facts of Life:
Radios: they don’t work on the island and there are none to be found, except amongst the super villains- but theirs don’t work either.

Getting off: As long as the pylons are functional, the only way on and off the Island is by submarine.

The Pylons: four giant nuclear powered force field generators situated equidistant from one another off the cost of the island. The pylons are easily visible on a clear day and at night there lights can be seen from the beaches and the highlands.

Some key features of the island:
(This stuff has all been placed in specific hexes, which will be seen when I post the hex by hex break down).

Supply caches: small depositories for XFX equipment scattered about the island. Usually have food, camping and medical supplies. Made to be hidden from monsters, but pretty easily noticed on a awareness 3 check.

XFX outposts. The one on the north coast is completely empty and there is an alarm going off. Reinforced observation/staging areas scattered around the island. At the current time all of them are empty. All writing and labeling is in Japanese and there are absolutely no radios. Lots of large bins stuffed with burned parers all of which are in Japanese.

Meat stations: feeding drop offs for the giant monsters. Twoce a day five tons of synthetic meat are teleported to these locations.

Dinosaurs: Because sometimes giant radioactive monsters like snack.

Flying Saucer: A flying disk with a pulsing crystal power plant. The power plant can be used to destroy Morgetor.

Mech’s Grave Yard: a scatter of five XFX mechs all destroyed.

Mini cemeteries: 1-6 graves shallow graves in random places. Some are very old some are from the last few days. Many of the recent ones from energy weapon fire. All are marked with an XFX helmet.

Wrecked Submarine: On the southwest coast, near where the road turns into the bush, there is a wrecked submarine of futuristic design.

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