Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Halls of the Hidden Prince LVL Area 8 & 9

7. The Audience Chamber
Illumination: Shimmering ball of ghostly blue energy at the room’s center.
Smell: Dust and ozone

The broken remnants of furniture and art objects cover the floor of this large chamber. A rusted throne of wrought iron sits on a dais of crumbling limestone in the center of the room’s north wall. 1d4 rounds after the room is entered. The shimmering blue ball will explode (no damage). Ghostly energy will disperse about the room and two spectral armies will form, a force of Lizardmen and another of quite ones and stone dead. These armies will engage in a savage battle, complete with screams and the clang of weapons that last for 3 rounds, after which the armies will be sucked back in to the newly formed ball. This process repeats itself every 4 rounds.

A secret compartment in the rear of the throne (found on a roll of 1 on a 1d4) contains an energy pistol with three charges. [Using conventional rules the pistol does 3d6 damage]. Metal earth house rules it does 1d6 if the target makes a saving throw or a roll on the wound table if they do not.

8. The Faux Bedroom
Illumination: very dim yellow light from a ceiling mounted crystal
Smell: Dust with a hint of oil

The noise of snoring can be heard immediately upon entering this room- or before that if someone listens at the door.
This chamber is an obviously an ornate bedroom. It is full of fine furnishings, including a large writing desk; a beautiful wardrobe with gold inlay and (beneath the dust) a painting of the Cloelle the minotaur corn goddess (think of a really hot chick, but with a cow’s head); and a four poster canopy bed.  The room is, of course, as cobweb and dust covered as all the rest, however it appears that someone is sleeping on the bed. If the sleeper is disturbed (or 3 rounds after the room is entered if ‘he’ is not)  the door will slam closed and lock of its own accord. At this point the sleeper will rise and attack the party.

The room is actually a trap for would be assassins and the sleeper is, in reality, a techo-magical construct set there to lure in and destroy said assassins.

Magical Minotaur Robot
AC 4 [15]
Hit Dice 4+4
Attacks: Blade 1d6/Gore 1d8+1
Move: 8
XP: 400
Special +2 to hit with Blade

The construct is a mass of gears and widgets held together by glowing ruin inscribed brass and stone plates. It has the shape of a minotaur.
The construct will fight until it is destroyed and is immune to all magic.

A sword is welded into the robot’s left hand at the beginning of combat. This is a +2 magical weapon and if the MMR is defeated the sword can be removed in 1d6 turns.

The MMR’s horns are made from strange luminous blue crystal. If removed they will fetch ~ 250 gp each.

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