Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ruminations on publication and some art.

It has been suggested to me (several times now) that I slap all this stuff into a book or something. I think I'd like to do it, but it will take me a long time, I think. there are many drawings to do and lots of stuff to write. I don't even know the format I should pursue (e.g. digest). Furthermore, now that White Box is dead or something (edit S&W WB has reverted to Mythmere and is in print, see comments), I don't even know if I should move it over to another rules set, or use the OGL to turn it into a complete game. There's got to be at least a couple of you sober enough to offer up some opinions.

Whatever/anyway here's some junk I drew (click for larger images):

First up, something I drew for the upcoming Planet Algol Book:

Here's my secret base:
Here's a Screamer:
And here is the byproduct of reading too many super hero comics and space opera novels at the same time (as well as running a SHRPG and planning an SFRPG). The hero is named Shockwave.
For what it's worth the comic page at the top of the post was part of a strip that I worked on with a friend called Assault and Pepper which may or may not have taken place on The Metal earth.


  1. I don't know for sure, but BHP is no longer publishing it and there was some sort of conflict amongst the other involved parties. I'm sure someone else knows more than I.

  2. Matt Finch & Mythmere games has taken WB back and already re-issued it in PDF and in Print through Lulu.

  3. Ah thanks. I lost interest in the tussle whilst it was in progress. I have an aversion to internet feuds, especially those of the OSR variety. FWIW, that's why I posted "dead or something" as opposed to just "dead." I couldn't bring myself to actually look through all the forum threads about it and find out. /lazy.

  4. Love the artwork. It's very inspiring. :)

  5. Those pictures look like they're from an Arduin book!

  6. Metal Earth should be published. It's too cool not to have it's own (digest sized) book, or even boxed set. A PDF at least.

    "I don't even know if I should move it over to another rules set, or use the OGL to turn it into a complete game."

    Well, it depends how far you've drifted from the S&W:WB base. If you've added enough new rules, or tweaks you could make it, its own thing. If you're self pubbing you could do that, or just leave it as a S&W:WB compatible suplement/setting. The other option is to shop it around the various retro-publishers then just convert it to the house system of whichever is interested.

    Either way. Get it published.

  7. Do it!

    Don't bother filling it out into a complete game system. I think that would be a distraction, focus on the awesome. With your art I would say the bigger the better, like a magazine or the old basic books would be about right, digest is too small. A box would raise price point without adding much utility, maybe instead do a map or something as a double page center fold. Use what everything you've got on the left up there (including the Design & Gameplay bits) fill in where you feel it needs it, add some random tables and some more art and you've got 48 or 64 pages of the "Metal Earth Gazeteer"!

    Needless to say i'd buy it.

  8. I always prefer self-contained rulebooks to supplements when it comes to complete settings like this, with some non-standard rules. Especially when it is very different in feel to the original rulebook. I would love to see a product with your attitude and style out there though, please do consider publishing it.

  9. Ah!
    You could do a book shrink-wraped with a DM screen!

  10. I hope you do it! I'd pick up whatever you worked up. Love the art!

  11. Thanks for the input everyone. Now all that remains is hundreds of hours of toil!

  12. Dude hundreds of hours of toil shows. This is incredible & I've used several of the elements from here in my science fantasy campaigns. As everyone says you've got the stuff. Now all you need to do is run with it. I'd buy it however you put it out. Seriously man this is good solid old school stuff. They are right this is something that belongs with Arduin. Make a 4 panel gm's screen along with a mini adventure. Please don't let this go by the way side.