Monday, May 3, 2021

Weird Wood Murder Peak, the Observatory and Old Canal.


Murder Peak: A sharp-peaked basalt formation riddled with caves. The base of Murder Peak is surrounded by a ring of bones. The osseous remains of many species are present in the bone pile, although humans seem to be somewhat overrepresented. 

The Tribusaurus makes its lair in one of the peaks’s many caves. 


The Observatory: A large and ramshackle house, sporting a tower with a highly conspicuous telescope upon its roof. The house is clearly inhabited and some nights a dark shape has been seen moving about on the tower roof, but, nevertheless, there is nothing to see in Weird Wood’s night sky. 


Old Canal: An algae chocked and broken down canal. The walls and walkways of the locks are inscribed with strange pictograms of unknown origin. The waterway doesn’t smell too good. 

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