Sunday, April 11, 2021

Weird Wood Week One Consolidated


Weird Wood Week One Consolidated 


The Weird Wood resides at place isolated from the world- or perhaps, outside of normal time and space altogether. It is an impossible place with a strange secret at its very foundations.

Getting to Weird Wood is always the result of getting lost. It doesn’t matter if it’s lost in the woods, in space, at sea, or during the confusion of a natural disaster.

There’s no escape. Nobody leaves Weird Wood. Many trails lead in, but none lead out. The Barrier, an impossibly thick and seemingly endless tangle of trees and undergrowth, surrounds the entire area. Flight is impossible; perpetual storms rage in the sky. You're there to stay. 

The environment of Weird Wood is actively malicious. Weather is extremely unpredictable and dangerous. Any sort of savage beast, from any world or time, might wander out from behind the next tree. The tree itself might attack you.  Further, powerful beings vie amongst themselves for control of the wood and don’t care who gets caught in the crossfire. 

Physics operate differently. Magic, science and superpowers all function within the confines of Weird Wood. Artifacts of every possible configuration, power source and function can be found scattered across the landscape. 

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