Monday, September 5, 2016

Secret base under construction

I missed posting this weekend because of the Holliday, not so great consdering I am tryng to get started again.

Anyway, I'm building a new underground base, working in sections, I finsihed sealing the floor for section one this morning. Hope to have it framed out, plumbed (is that the word?) and wired by xmas time.

Fyi, painting a basement ceiling is no fucking joke. It is hands down the hardest part of this job. Each consecutive day doing it you lose the power to lift your hands over your head/ hold a brush a little sooner. Day one I did eight hours easy. We found that 2 coats plus touch ups were needed- at least. The ceiling is thirsty as hell. The last few days we worked an hour at a time, with two hours off in between- and I'm actually fit with a serious completion compulsion issue. My buddy Chris who is staying with us and helping out is even worse. My shoulders hurt just thinking anout it.



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